This traces various lines of Biundo’s from Cinisi. It will follow each line down in its color. This is still in process. Others will be linked in and expanded out. Only documents prior to 1900 will be public. Some other pages around that time may be password protected for family only, those given the password.

Vincenzo (Pietro Vincenzo) Biundo (1663-1727)
Giovanna Grillo (1665-1747)

Andrea Biundo  1685
Antonino Vincenzo Biundo 1687
Michele Vincenzo Biundo  1692-1760 married Giovanna Ruffino (1692-1773)
Stefano Biundo (1694-1772) married Nunzia (Ninfa) Alfano (1685-1767)
Franco Giuseppe Biundo (1696)
Liborio Biundo (1699-1778) married Olive Marinello and Aloisa Giordana
Filippo Biundo ((1702-) married Giovanna Inzirillo
Giroloma Biundo (1704-1727)


Michele Vincenzo Biundo  (1692-1760)
and Giovanna Ruffino (1692-1773)

Giovanna Biundo (-1781)
Vincenzo Biundo (1714-1780) married Rosa Angela Passalacqua and Anna DiMaggio
Francesco Biundo (1717-)  married Margarita Chirco
Benedetta Biundo (1718-1742)
Giuseppe Biundo (1723-1786) married Ninfa Luisa Biancalione and Marta Taormina
Antonino Biundo (1727-) married Antonina Taormina
Giacomo Biundo (1729-1789) married Girolama Bartalotta
Rosaria Biundo (1731-1803) married Benedetto LoCricchiho

Giacomo Biundo (1729-1789)
and Girolama Bartalotta

(Vincenzo ?)
Nicolo (1751-)
Michele Biundo (1759-1831) married Giuseppa Randazzo (1769-1889)
Damiano Biundo (1766-)
Stefano Biundo (1767-)
Antonino Biundo (1775-)
Andrea Biundo (1789-) married Sera Cucinella and Rosa Pidone

Michele Biundo (1759-1831)
and Giuseppa Randazzo (1769-1889)

Giacomo Biundo (Abt 1791-1863)  married Antonina Bongiorno
Vito Biundo (1791-1873) married Filippa Chirco
Girolama Biundo (1792-)
Giovanna Agatha Biundo (1797-)
Salvatore Gaetano Biundo (1798-1877) married Francesca Vitale (1798-)
Benedicto (?) “Vito” Biundo (1799-1873) married Filippa Chirco
Andrea Gaetano Biundo (1803-1876) married Caterina Cusimano (1815-)

Salvatore Gaetano Biundo (1798-1877)
and Francesca Vitale (1798-)

Giuseppa Biundo (1817) married Benedetto Cucinella
Michele Biundo (1819) married Margherita Palazzolo
Nicolo Biundo (1820) married Giovanna Viviano
Giuseppe Biundo (1823-1899) married Giacoma Mangiapane (1830)
Andrea Biundo (1824) married Girolama Finazzo (1829)
(Francesco Biundo) (December 1824)
Antonina Biundo (1827) married Girolamo Bartolotta
(Caterina Biundo) (1827)
Vito Biundo (1830) married Serafina (Giuseppa) Maltese (abt 1831)
Maria Grazia Biundo (abt 1844) married  Michele Giannola

Giuseppe Biundo (1823-1899) and Giacoma Mangiapane (1830)

Salvatore Biundo (1850) married Caterina (Rosalia) Ferrante (1855)
Francesca Biundo (1862) married Giuseppe Maltese (1841?)
Giuseppe Biundo (1872-1910) married Girolama Pardo